About Lobbying 101

Welcome to Lobbying 101 – Understanding, hiring, and working with Lobbyists.

The purpose of this site is to give good, practical information about lobbyists, to help you understand, and, if appropriate, work with lobbyists in a productive way.

Alot has been said and written about lobbyists (not much of it good, unfortunately).  Lobbying was a hot button topic during much of the recent Presidential campaign, and President Obama has promised to reduce the influence of lobbyists and special interests in his administration, and has received some criticism for selecting lobbyists for a few of the positions in his cabinet.

But despite all the talk about lobbyists, I haven’t found much in the way of practical, unbiased information about them.  I found that the information in the media is shallow at best (this is true of many subjects, but seems especially so with lobbying), and most people don’t know enough about lobbyists to make informed decisions.

It took me alot of research, and alot of time actually working with lobbyists to get past the information in the media to information which was actually useful.  So if you’re looking to hire a lobbyist for your own issues, trying to find out if you should hire a lobbyist, or just seeking to understand what all the fuss is about, hopefully the information in this site will help fill in some of the gaps.  Note that this site is not a rehash of stories written by lobbyists and/or the media – the information here comes from my own research and direct experience hiring and working with lobbyists.

This site focuses on lobbyists to the U.S. federal government, including both Congress and the executive branch (Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, State Department, etc.).  Lobbying at the state and local level is also a fact of life in most places, and although this blog doesn’t cover those levels specifically, alot of the material probably applies there as well.

Most of the material in the site will be fairly static, but I may additional RSS feeds in the side bar as I find more feeds about lobbying, and I may occasionally update the content of some pages or add new pages and posts.

If you have specific questions about lobbyists I haven’t covered, or there’s some particular information you’d like me to add, please leave a comment and I’ll see if I can help.  Good luck in your efforts!


One Response to “About Lobbying 101”

  1. Melissa Alleman Says:

    I am a private individual not a firm, I am interested in hiring a lobbyist to help me secure a position on the Board of Directors for Amtrak. It was directed by Congress that there should be representation for the Employees. There are currently no members representing the employees, and there are vacancies on the board at this time. I have both management and union support within Amtrak and other railroads. My goal would be to bring about change with employee relations within Amtrak. My greatgrandfather worked for the railroad, my grandmother born in 1915, worked her entire life at the railoroad. My husband dedicated 33 years to Amtrak. He was responsible for High Speed Rrail, Fire and Life Safety, he was in charge of the Inagural Train.

    Amtrak needs someone who knows this industry and will work hard to improve employee and management relations.

    I understand that this is a big task, my husband knew VP Biden, Donna Mclean and Tom Carper. I am up to the challenge.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    My Home address is

    811 Street Road
    Oxford, PA 19380

    610 696-4710 Work Number
    508 954-0138 Cell

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