Welcome to Lobbying 101

Understanding, hiring, and working with lobbyists.

This blog is more about how to work with lobbyists than it is about the lobbying industry itself, or the lobbying activities that tend to end up in the news.  The main goal is to offer practical, usable advice for people who need a lobbyist – or think they might.

So if you’re trying to find information on working with lobbyists – such as exactly how they can help you, how much they charge, or how to find a good one – I hope you’ll find something here that will help.

Most of the content is in the pages, not the posts.  It’s intended to be fairly “sticky” information, and although I may occasionally update some parts of this blog to reflect changes in the world (changes in lobbying rules, etc.), and I may occasionally post entries pointing to articles or other information about working with lobbyists, I don’t scour the news for information about lobbyists, and I don’t intend to post on a regular basis.  I will read comments regularly, though, so if you have information you think would be helpful to add, or feedback on any of the information, please leave a comment.

I may also update the links and the resources page (after I create it, that is), and I may eventually add some additional RSS feeds to the front page; so if you’re looking for more up-to-date information on lobbying, eventually you’ll be able to find some of it reflected here.

Good luck!