Disclaimer: I offer these recommendations as a private citizen, with no warranty express or implied.  This is all IMO (In My Opinion).  I receive no compensation for this site, and you are solely responsible for any actions you take, whether you follow these recommendations or not.  These are guidelines only – please engage your brain and your power of choice responsibly.  Use at your own risk.

If you’ve made the leap and decided that you should hire a lobbyist – or even just that you might want to hire a lobbyist – here are several recommendations on how to go about it.  Please remember that these are guidelines only – your needs will be different than mine were, and your process should follow your needs.  But hopefully these will help get you started.

Please leave some feedback.  These recommendations and suggestions are based on my personal experience; if your experience suggests that I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’d love to hear it – please leave a comment.  And if these suggestions help you in any way, I’d also like to hear about it, to know that my work has helped someone, and hasn’t been a waste of time.


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